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Maximizing productivity-minimizing waste is not just a slogan but a long term commitment to our customers

Case Study: United Technologies Corporation

$2.65 Million Saved with Master Chemical and a Coolant Management Program

Hamilton-Sunstrand, a division of United Technologies Corporation, established a coolant committee with representatives for the plant management, health an safety, manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, maintenance, and machine operators. The program included:

  • Training sessions

  • Implementation of ongoing recycling systems

  • Monitoring of coolant and machine sump conditions

These results were obtained:


This is how you can gain from our experience no matter your company size.  Quality coolants, cleaners, and recycling equipment are an investment in your company’s future prosperity.


Case Study: Reduction in Use & Disposals of Cleaner Chemistry

Out Cleaning The Competition - Saving through Correct Cleaner Selection


  • A major rebuilder of automotive axles had high operation costs and capacity constraints.
  • Frequent and expensive dumping of system
  • Productivity losses due to machine downtime
  • Increasing energy costs
  • High labor costs to dump, clean and recharge system


Coolant Management worked with the customer’s management and operations staff to produce a solution that integrated the best available technology — both chemical and equipment.

  • Cleaning chemistry that would efficiently remove difficult greases
  • Equipment that could quickly separate the heavy soil load from the cleaner bath
  • Process development to optimize system up-time and minimize disposal
  • On-going support as customer’s production increased and new and improved processes and equipment were added


This partnership delivered immediate operating and financial impact.

  • Capacityincreased by 32.4%
  • Expenses reduced by 84.1%
  • $590,635 operating income improvement 

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