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Maximizing productivity-minimizing waste is not just a slogan but a long term commitment to our customers


Coolant Management offers recycling programs to meet the needs of two major types of clients. The first service we offer is extremely flexible and caters to companies whose service needs are continually changing due to their contracts. The second service we provide is designed for smaller metal working shops with our on-site, mobile recycling service. Both of our services provide an affordable alternative to purchasing expensive recycling equipment, hiring and/or training personnel and expensive disposal costs.


Coolant Management Services brings the coolant recycling service to its customers through the mobile recycling system. We offer the following advantages:

  • Recycling coolant service on a regular schedule
  • Proper mixture of coolant with de-ionized water
  • Removal of tramp oil, contaminants and bacteria
  • Removal of chips, sludge and particulates on a scheduled basis
  • Scheduled analysis of coolant


Coolant Management Services provides on-site service program that is backed by our own in-house laboratory for coolant analysis. Our service technicians will travel to your facility and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate any schedule. Our in-house laboratory enables us to provide a prompt analysis of customer's coolant.


An effective coolant recycling program offers a number of advantages over the traditional "use and dispose" type of operation. We recycle and replace the coolant on a monthly basis.


If properly maintained, coolant may be used indefinitely. With strict government regulations and expensive disposal costs, the advantage of maintenance over disposal and replacement will be seen from the first service. These savings include:

  • Reduction in purchases of coolant concentrate
  • Drastically reduced or eliminate the need for costly disposal of waste coolant
  • Improved tool and wheel life
  • Increased quality of finished products and fewer rejected parts
  • Reduced machine down time
  • No internal labor cost for coolant mixing or machine cleaning
  • No Permitting required. So there is no related cost

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